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Key Benefits: 
  • Key benefits refine and condense your brand into a single reference document.
  • Fully understand the tone, manner and metre of your brand's ‘voice’.
  • Set out and explore the timeless components of your brand’s equity.
  • Understand your brand's strengths and weaknesses and where it’s positioned compared to your competitors.
Brand Blueprinting

Your brand is a whole lot more than a logo on your business card. It’s a collective feeling towards your company - it’s how much of, and what part of, the public mindshare you occupy.

A brand blueprint is a deceptively simple document. In essence it is a summary of the rational and emotive impact your brand has on your target audience. A branding blueprint looks at what emotional and visual equities your brand has (or will have), what the rational and emotive benefits of your brand are to your customers and where your brand sits in relation to your competition. It is an extremely useful document.

A brand blueprint allows designers to get deeply involved with your brand and deliver visual solutions that are much more likely to “feel” right to you as well as drive the personality of your offering in a way that strengthens your marketing strategy.

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Current Brand Blueprint
After meeting with you, we research your current brand offering and summarise your current brand equity and positioning amongst your competitors. This helps identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses as well as identify any area in the market that aren’t being filled by anyone currently.


Ideal Brand Blueprint
An ideal brand blueprint outlines your marketing strategy at a high level moving into the future. It describes the tone and market position that your new brand will embody and address any tensions that arise between the current offering and the proposed new one. Ideal brand blueprint describe where the opportunities in the marketing mix are and how to tweak brands to fill them.