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Brand Strategic Writing

Bottom line is these days people look more and read less.

But writing is not a dying art, and remains an essential ingredient in your communications toolkit.

If your brand is a personality, you must not only look good to your customer, you must sound good.

Whether they read about you in papers and magazines, hear you on the radio or see you on billboards, the words you choose to represent your brand must be carefully chosen.

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If you're are a new business or undergoing a serious re-brand you need a name.
We will offer you a brainstorming session, so that you can tell us your vision for your new business, we will come up with up to five name alternatives and present them back to you for acceptance.

Taglines are strategic short statements that support the central premise of your brand’s experience.

They generally sum up the core deliverables and subtly reinforce the emotional benefits of your brand. Hothouse will present a minimum of three taglines that support your brand proposition.










Generic Text
You need a grab bag of sentences and paragraphs that can be used again and again throughout your communications material.


Full Copywriting
You may need your business fully described from top to bottom - a corporate profile, annual report or a website.