HotHouse are 'Designers for Business', providing
full graphic design and branding, promotion and
web design, web development and web hosting services
to our valued clients nationwide, and around the world.

HotHouse Nelson Brand Design

Brand Design

Your brand design is the beating heart of your business. So much more than a name above the door. Your brand is a massive opportunity for you to define your relationship with your customers, in an unforgettable and permanent way.

Brand Design Portfolio

HotHouse Nelson Design for print

Print & Promotion

Designed printed material is tactile in a way that websites will never be. We may be using it less, but print is still a major player in your communications strategy. Attention to detail remains the cornerstone of excellent print.

Print & Promotion Portfolio

HotHouse Nelson web design

Web Design

HotHouse provides full web design and web development services (from custom written code to Drupal development). Whether it's a simple site, ecommerce or a large corporate site, HotHouse has the inhouse skills to meet your needs.

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