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Key Benefits: 
  • User editable content
  • Built on the open source Drupal or Silverstripe content management systems.
  • Extendable through thousands of modules
  • Extensive in house experience in developing custom components
  • Incredibly powerful and flexible content management
  • Fully bespoke design for full brand impact
HotWeb Custom - The Full Monty

If you need more flexibility than a HotStart or HotWeb can offer then a HotWeb Custom is the package for you.

Built on the powerful, extendable and incredibly flexible Drupal Content Management System or Silverstripe Content Management System (the same technology that powers the NZ Police website, the ComputerWorld website and the McDonalds NZ website - among thousands of others). HotWeb Custom is supported by a rich and thriving plugin eco system containing literally thousands of modular extensions to the base system.

The HotWeb Custom package is designed to be extended by bespoke design & functionality. If your website needs to do something above and beyond simple pages, our development team can build custom functionality into a custom module to snap in to your site. This can include things like online booking systems, customer management databases, secure members only areas on your website to share documents and calendars, discussion forums, blogs, integration with other systems - if you imagine it, we can build it!

Backed up by a full custom design service and thorough information architecture planning HotHouse HotWeb Custom websites are the cream of the crop.

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HotWeb Custom CMS Core
The backbone of all HotWeb sites is the content management system, the system we choose to build for you will be based on your specific requirements, allowing for a very powerful and flexible framework which allows live editing of content, page and user management and the integration of literally thousands of modules.


From $3,600