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Ali Kimber

Social Media

The state of play these days is that if you aren't on at least one social media platform, you're well behind the game regarding an online strategy for your business. Being social is a great deal harder than some think, and simply being on Facebook and posting the odd pic once a month isn't going to increase your inbound marketing.

That's where we step in...

Here at HotHouse we cater for the small business on one platform right through to the large corporation on multiple social media channels. Whether you need help setting up from the beginning or a complete social media strategy. Here are some of the ways we can help with your social media;


Social Media Set-Up:

Whether you're new to the scene or you simply don't know where to start, we can help you set up the appropriate social media channel for your needs. From there we can show you the best practice for that platform and help you get underway...the right way. 

If you already do the basics, you may like to know a little more about streamlining another platform with your brand and how to optimize your posting for the different channels. Maybe you need to know a little more about how to read your insights and analyse your data.

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Social Media Campaigns and Ads:

This is where social media can get tricky for some, maybe you don't have the time to do this as you're busy running your business, or you simply don't know how.  Here's a few of the popular items we help people with:

- Campaigns

- Carousel Ads

- Canvas Ads

- Instagram Ads

- Instant Articles


Digital Strategy:

For those with a bigger plan in mind, we are here to help with aligning your brand over multiple channels, optimising your posts, creating campaigns and analysing the data to refine your strategy. Scheduling, content calendars and training for your staff.  Creating content, connecting with your clients and converting to sales if that's your end game.

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