HotWeb - Power and Speed

If your site requires more functionality than a HotStart offer and to future proof your investment, a HotWeb solution is right up your alley.

Built on the same rock solid ‘Silverstripe’ CMS platform as the HotWeb Custom, HotWeb gives you all the same power and flexibility with a smaller price tag by locking down the layout to a set of templates.

By using these templates as a starting point, design and build times are cut down dramatically while the site still retains a professional look with colours, imagery and typography to reinforce your branding.

Pricing Cost (Excl GST) From $3600

This intial setup cost includes the first year of hosting, domain registration, implementation of design and one hour of training.

Key Benefits: 

  • Fully content manageable
  • Built on the enterprise grade open source ‘Silverstripe’ content management system
  • Extendable through modules and custom development
  • Incredibly powerful and flexible content management
  • Templates customised to your brand colours and style
  • Content population of your first eight pages
  • One hour training plus manual