HotShop - eCommerce Right Now!

Selling products online is exciting business, it's also a tricky business to get right.

It’s also important to select the right e-commerce platform for the job.

HotHouse is e-commerce agnostic, selecting the system that best suits the individual’s needs based on: product range, scalability, payment methods and distribution. Someone selling one off paintings locally online for the Nelson market is going to have vastly different needs to someone launching a range of children's toys across the Pacific region. When it comes to e-commerce one size doesn't fit all!

We have been happily building online shopping sites for our clients for years, using technologies such as Magento, Shopify, Ubercart, C5 Ecommerce, ZenCart and OSCommerce to name a few, we've also written a couple from scratch.

Obviously when money is changing hands online, security is paramount, so it’s important that your system is set up properly and is running on a correctly configured server that is PCI compliant with valid security (SSL) certificates and so on.

HotHouse can design a look and feel for your e-commerce store, build the required functionality, recommend payment gateways, offer business process advice, take care of online marketing and help with branding as well as host your site on our HotHost servers.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple offerings based on your requirements
  • Start selling your product online
  • Sell from one product to thousands of products
  • Securely accept credit card payments in real time
  • Increase your potential customers
  • Websites that manage your stock and invoicing