HotSEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Relevancy (SER), On-line marketing strategies, link generation, reciprocal linking, Adwords, keyword selection, social media marketing.

Online marketing can seem like a daunting sea of buzzwords and conflicting advice. We like to keep things simple and guide you through the minefield to achieve the best results for your website and business.

Our goal is always to increase your visibility in search engine results and drive traffic to your website. We will tailor an online marketing plan for your website based on your requirements and budget. We have a number of tried and tested methods to raise your search engine rankings - from optimising your website code and updating your content, to building links to your site from quality link partners, and managing social media and digital strategies.

Our philosophy is simple - the content on your website is the most important factor in getting quality rankings and driving traffic to your website. This is the basis of our approach, if your content is not relevant and engaging we can use expert web copywriters to bring it up to scratch. We do not believe in using underhand ('black hat') tactics or shortcuts to improve your rankings - in fact we advise our clients to steer clear of SEO companies making grand promises of number one spots on Google - this can often backfire and leave you with a lower ranking than when you originally started!

HotHouse can also offer online advertising campaigns, from planning and research to campaign execution and reporting. Our online marketing experts are well versed in running Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns as well as being able to book targeted advertising space on your behalf on highly visited national and international websites.

We can undertake Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing work on any website - whether it was built by us or not.

Initial one off Search Engine Registration and Optimisation

The initial optimisation provides:

  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools added to your site, if not already in place
  • registration of your site with major search engines and directories
  • addition of appropriate metadata to your site
  • keyword research and suggestions
  • website content and code optimisation
  • search engine ranking report and further recommendations

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Our online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation packages are based around your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss a tailored plan for your website with one of our online marketing experts.