HotZines - Get Your Message Out

We can help you reach potential customers with a professionally designed and delivered email newsletter.

Got a database of email addresses that you’re not making the most of? Proper email delivery systems allow you to track read rates, click throughs, bounces as well as subscribe / unsubscribe rates so your database stays relevant and agile.

HotHouse ensures the electronic newsletters we send out comply with anti-spam guidelines, as well as doing everything we can to minimise the likelihood of the newsletter hitting the junk mail folder.

Designing for the various email clients on the market is a craft in itself. Our front end designers are well versed in the quirks of different email software rendering engines and strive for a consistent result across all major players.

Key Benefits:

  • Use your email database to drive traffic to your website
  • Track subscription trends to fine-tune your marketing strategy
  • Keep your database up to date and relevant
  • Dodge spam filters with purpose built mailing templates