Episode 2: Social Media


Tim Griffiths

 When you stop to think about the pace of Social Media technology, it can all get a little overwhelming. With a new ‘breakthrough’ platform that we should all supposedly be using to connect with our customers coming out multiple times a year, it is easy to feel confused about where your efforts are best spent. The world of social media has grown in the past decade to be much more than an afterthought in your marketing plan. For a growing number of businesses, it is becoming the primary method in which we connect with our customers. But while social media platforms are growing in importance, they are also growing in complexity, and knowing how best to utilize your social channels is an ever evolving skillset. We sat down with our In-House Social Media Specialist Joey Talmage, to get a sense of where things are at in 2019.  


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In a world of so many different social media platforms, how do businesses know where they should put their effort?  

Well, it starts with the audience. Who are you trying to reach? And better yet – who are YOU? *insert hookah-smoking caterpillar* Instagram is your go-to for all things hip and trendy; IG has a predominantly younger crowd and is now the fastest growing of the big social platforms. Brands kill it on IG if they play the game right. Government entities & small businesses may want to consider putting more efforts behind Facebook which offers a broader audience and is a quick and effective way to deliver informational content, integrate e-commerce and more. But get both, because Instagram & Facebook go hand-in-hand and their platform functions sync very well. I could go into twitter, but Donald Trump ruined it! And of course it ain’t that cut-and-dry, all brands are different – it's always good to conduct a thorough social inventory when considering your next moves! 


For smaller teams, social media can be quite time-consuming and as a result sometimes neglected as an issue of lower importance. What can businesses do to make their Social Media workflow more efficient?  

Hootsuite! It’s a workflow dashboard where you can organize, schedule and edit all your social feeds! Something everyone should be doing is mapping out content for some period of time (I like monthly routines) and scheduling accordingly via Hootsuite. Set your date, your platforms, upload your content and boom... you no longer have to rush through that pie on Friday morning because you forgot to post your weekend whereabouts! Sorted. 


What do you think is important for businesses to be paying attention to in the future of Social Media?  

Video content. Videos perform way better than still imagery online and way way better than your average Joe Schmo text posts. All of these social platforms are now being optimized for video – take IGTV for example, Instagram’s new video platform within the app itself. Brands, artists, everyone is loving it because you can finally post videos longer than a minute (Instagram’s feed limit). This is a prime opportunity for brands to get in early and play it well. But remember – IGTV is formatted for vertical viewing on smartphones, so make sure your content is edited accordingly! 


What are 3 quick tips that you could give to any business to help them pump up the volume on their social media engagement? 

  1. Call me.
  2. Call me.
  3. Call me. 


Do you want to build a more engaging customer base, connect to your audience in the most effective way, and deep dive into your data to better understand what your customers want? Our team can help you get the most out of your social media, and help your business stand out online. We would love to talk to you about your business. Click here to get in touch.