Social Media & Digital Marketing

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, a strong online presence is an absolute necessity in remaining relevant and keeping your brand current and accessible. It used to be that a clean and functional website alone could fill this need; but the internet has become hyper-saturated leaving businesses in a position to create new lanes in order to stand out, connect and grow. Enter: Social Media.

What is Social Media?

In so many words, “social media” is simply where we all mingle in our online world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn...

These are today's front page – social media platforms.

We get our news, keep up with friends & family, share ideas and photos and videos, we do business, we LIVE.. here, logged in to these pillars of the web, our second world that fulfills our need for immediacy and convenience.

Why Social Media?

Everyone is on social media. Well, almost everyone. Each month there are TWO BILLION active users on Facebook, over one hundred million instagrammers, and north of nine hundred million tweeters on twitter; the gang's all here! With such a massive and accessible population, marketing via social media is a no-brainer.

Through social media we can increase website traffic, generate more sales, build a following, promote events, grow a brand, drive bookings, and get the word out. There are a plethora of marketing applications across the various social platforms, and endless ways to make social media work for you.

Social Media Services

Joey is our Digital Marketing Strategist, but you can call him “social media guy”!

HotHouse will work with you to create a plan of action designed to exceed your needs.


HotHouse will meet with you to discuss, and research the project to create unique ad campaigns for any platform - defining a target audience, setting a budget and schedule, and developing engaging content and messaging to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

Performance reports are sent weekly, and an open line of communication keeps things moving! Take a look at a few campaign models below, or ring HotHouse to get started on building a custom campaign.

Standard Campaign Models

4 Week Campaign  8 Week Campaign 12 Week Campaign
Content Creation Content Creation     Content Creation
2-4 Ads      4-8 Ads           6-12 Ads
Any Platform      Any Platform Any Platform
Weekly Reporting           Weekly Reporting Weekly Reporting
FROM $990 + GST FROM $1,650 + GST     FROM $2,310 + GST

This is an indication of pricing only, we can custom design a package for you. All adword / facebook costs are based on a daily budget and are separate to HotHouse costs


HotHouse are available to train your staff on how to build a cohesive online presence, create ad campaigns, navigate and upkeep your profiles, and how to utilize applications to track your online activity and analytics.

Profile Administration

If social media is something that you need but can't be bothered with, no worries! HotHouse are happy to create and maintain profiles and accounts on any social media platform.

This includes content creation, organic posting and weekly performance and activity reporting.

*For pricing on training and administration services, please call us at 03 545 7995 or email Joey at