Everything you need to know about your website

Your website is on a platform that is coming to the end of its life. We want to help you make the transition to a new website as easy as possible.


What does this mean?

Your website will continue to work for the time being. However your site is built on a platform (Silverstripe 3) that has been replaced and is no longer being supported by the platform owner. This is something that happens with website platforms. Over time it will become very hard to retain site integrity.


What to do next?

We have two options for you to consider: 

  • moving your website to another platform: Squarespace
  • moving your website to SilverStripe version 4

Option 1. Squarespace

What is Squarespace?

This is a template style content management system, that is easily operated within your company. Within the templates you can adjust and customise your content. 

Why Squarespace?
  • Looks great on mobile phones, right out of the box
  • Simple storytelling
  • Very cost effective
  • Very quick to deploy
  • Content management is a breeze
  • Less technical support required
  • Security updates are done automatically
  • Perfect solution for small-medium businesses. 


Option 2. Silverstripe 

What is Silverstripe 4?

Silverstripe 4 is our enterprise-level platform of choice. The possibilities are endless - you can create sophisticated customer experiences and your business can grow online in any direction. 


Why Silverstripe?
  • Highly crafted user-focused websites 
  • Bespoke development for refined interactive experiences
  • Silverstripe sites can grow as your business grows
  • Deliver large volumes of variable content
  • Third party apps and API's integrate well in Silverstripe
  • Perfect for medium to large organisations
  • Mobile first approach.


How to decide which platform is correct for my business?

The type of platform depends on the functionalities your website needs. Please contact us and we will go through the options with you.


How much does it cost?

We realise that the last few years have been challenging for many of our partners. Please contact us so we can consider your specific needs. Our costs are based on smoothing the transition to your new website and we'll discuss all options thoroughly with you.

We’re also happy to offer payment plans that even out any investment requirements.